Boosting BioeconomyVentures ecosystems

One of the pillars of BioeconomyVentures is to attract and engage with European innovators from the bio-based sector.

How are we going to do this activity?  BioeconomyVentures will launch 2 open calls addressing two target audiences:

  • Corporates with needs that could be addressed or solved by bioeconomy innovative solutions. These companies have the opportunity to define their challenges with the BioeconomyVentures team and participate in our Programme, eliciting solutions directly addressing their issues and getting connected with innovators.
  • Innovators are individuals, researchers, start-ups, spin-offs and SMEs developing solutions in the vast bioeconomy domain, who are looking for support to showcase their developments, access funding and networking opportunities that could take them to market.

In this framework, BioeconomyVentures will launch two different types of Open Calls, namely, Call for Innovators, and Call for Challenges:

  • Call for Challenges (3 calls, between April 2022 – October 2023) have the goal of attracting corporates and give them the opportunity to propose challenges that can be solved via a bioeconomy approach. This call aims to ensure a direct match between corporates and solution providers (bioeconomy start-ups and spin-offs). Challenges will be defined in one-to-one BioeconomyVentures corporate meetings and target to address corporate´s and industry’s needs.
  • Open Call for Innovators (3 calls, between April 2022 – October 2023) have the goal to attract 200 innovators from the bio-based sector (start-ups and spin-offs) to present their solution/product/service concepts aiming to participate in the BioeconomyVentures programme and benefit from its services and connection with corporates and investors.

How to get involved? Get in contact with our partner F6S in charge of the managing this activities, sending an email to Catarina Reis and to Aleksandar Zobec

The preliminary industries’ open call dates for corporates are listed below:

OC #1 – Future of Food (1st March until 14th May 2022)

  • Agriculture
  • Agtech & Foodtech (Alternative Proteins)
  • Aquaculture, Fishing & Algae
  • Food, Feed and Ingredients
  • Hemp and Cannabis

OC #2 – Future of chemicals (1st August until 31st October 2022)

  • Platform and Specialty Bio-based Chemicals
  • Bio-based Plastics and Materials
  • Bio-based Paints & Industrial Coatings
  • Bio-based Fragrances, Cosmetics and Personal & Home Care

OC #3 – Future of Industrial Circularity (1st November 2022 until 31st October 2023)

  • Forestry, Pulp and Paper
  • Bioenergy & Biofuels
  • Wood & Furnitures, Building materials & constructions
  • Bio-based Textiles and wearing apparel
  • Food and Feed from side and waste streams
  • Waste Processing & Up/Recycling

A team of experts will evaluate the applications received giving the opportunities to Start-ups and Spin offs to join the BioeconomyVentures Innovators Programme. The selected innovators will benefit of unique opportunity to boost their knowledge and expertise portfolio, having access to:

  • Hybrid business and investment readiness support,
  • Networking opportunities and pitching events
  • Matchmaking with investors and corporates,
  • The opportunity to address innovation challenges set by leading corporations,
  • Visibility and exposure through the BV Ambassador network.

What are the steps for applicants?

  • Expression of InterestAs the result of the dissemination and communication of the project opportunities result in 1-on-1 meetings, corporations indicate their interest to join the programme.
  • Challenge DefinitionThe partners work together on challenge definition with the corporation and enlisting these challenges and corporate innovation on the website.
  • Innovator ScoutingOpen call for innovators is in session where we collect innovators interest, ideas for later selection and matchmaking with corporates.
  • Meet innovatorsPitching days are established so Corporates can meet the innovators, get introduced to their ideas.
  • Shape Collaboration – At this time the partners seek feedback from corporations on who they want to further their discussions with and explore potential synergies in 1-to-1 meetings.
  • Start Synergies – 1 to 1 meetings are set up, moderated by BV partners towards synergy creation.

The BioeconomyVentures consortium will promote the publication of open calls through a dedicated communication strategy and campaign. Promotional activities with Ambassadors and potential Innovators will be designed to increase people’s awareness of BioeconomyVentures Open Calls allowing us to reach a wider target group and motivate them to be engaged in Ambassador’s programme.

BioeconomyVentures consortium is ready for the first official launch of the Open call for corporates, Future of Food.

The 1st of March 2022 is just around the corner! 

Find out more, and download the official leaflet, Future of Food – Open call #1

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