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In this third series, Forestry Speed Dating (FSD) puts innovators in contact with potential partners and end-users to speed up innovation and create new partnerships to upscale solutions focused on forest carbon monetisation.

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Carbon markets

Carbon markets, where emissions permits are traded, are key for a sustainable future. Voluntary markets, distinct from compliance counterparts, encourage innovation and low-cost experimentation, while carbon farming emerges as a force to reckon with, capturing CO2 and generating tradable credits.

Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 1 of the FSD 3rd Series

Join us at the Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 1 of FSD 3rd Series on 14 September from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST (new date) for a unique networking experience where you can learn, connect, and seize new opportunities with two start-ups working with carbon credits and offsetting.


The Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 1 of FSD 3rd Series presents Skoog and Treemetrics: a fusion of innovation and sustainability. Our solutions providers are pursuing collaborations, customers, funding, and pilot testers to develop their innovative solutions within carbon markets further.

Skoog: A platform for landowners to access carbon and forest products markets

Skoog is a company that uses remote sensing and computer vision to offer carbon credits to the forestry and agriculture industries. They make it easier for landowners, regardless of size, to access carbon markets and provide incentives to preserve and restore forests while improving agricultural practices.

Speaker: Augusto Andrade, CEO and co-founder, Skoog

Treemetrics: A climate-smart platform for adaptive forest management

Treemetrics is a software-based company focused on sustainable forest management technology. The ForestHQ Climate-Smart Platform provides precise carbon quantification, forest carbon monitoring and digital reporting.

Speaker: Enda Keane, CEO, Treemetrics

Click here to visit the FSD 3rd Series website and learn more about these great solutions and our following events.

About the Bioregions Facility

The Bioregions Facility, coordinated by the European Forest Institute (EFI), connects forward-thinking regions across Europe to work together to unlock regional potential through international exchange on the forest circular bioeconomy.

Bioregions members

The current Bioregions members are Basque Country, Catalonia and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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