BioeconomyVentures is collaborating with Food Tech Congress  and brings you discounts to create the best experience for you!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Food Tech Congress – a revolutionary event that aims to foster sustainability using powerful food tech solutions. Join us there on October 26-27 in Warsaw, Poland (or virtually) and get a chance to network with hundreds of key industry experts.

Food Tech Congress is a revolutionary event that aims to foster innovation and build a more sustainable future of food.

The conference will bring together 1000+ innovators, venture capitalists, policy-makers and the industry’s most prominent entrepreneurs to collaborate, push the food industry forward and speed up the revolution.

From sustainability to global health, leadership, and investments, the conference will explore the latest innovations across seven stages – Main Stage, Personalised Nutrition, Alternative Proteins, Midstream Tech, Functional Food, Food Waste and Agri Tech.

Within your partnership, we are thrilled to announce discounts and other opportunities!

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